16. Sky Davies: A DOP in Long and Short Form


Sky has recently completed principle photography on her second feature film SHIT, a poetic adaptation of Patricia Cornelius’ award winning play by the same name. Working with directors Susie Dee and Trudy Hellier, the feature has already garnered much industry attention and is due for release in 2021. Her debut feature, the genre film BLOOD VESSEL (2018), has screened at numerous festivals including NYC Horror Fest (US), GrimmFest (UK), FilmQuest (UK) and MonsterFest (AU), drawing acclaim for her cinematography as well as the prestigious ACS Golden Tripod.

Sky’s short film work has been screened at over 120 festivals (Berlinale, MIFF, Oberhausen, AACTA, Palm Springs) garnering her many festival awards as well as ACS Gold, ACS Silver, and her first ACS Golden Tripod for GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART, directed by Bec Peniston Bird. In 2017 Sky shot John Sheedy’s short film MRS MCCUTCHEON which had its Australian premier at the Melbourne International Film Festival of the same year, winning Best Australian Short Film. MRS MCCUTCHEON was also nominated by AFI/AACTA and Screen Producers Australia for Best Short Film. In 2013 Sky shot Neil Triffet’s EMO THE MUSICAL which garnered a Crystal Bear Special Mention at the Berlinale, along with winning Best Short Film at the SPA Awards and the St Kilda Film Festival.

Sky has shot 2nd Unit for both Film and TV, including: STATELESS, released in 2020, a six-part series for Matchbox and ABC, created by and starring Cate Blanchett, directed by Emma Freeman and Jocelyn Moorhouse; and UNDERTOW, Miranda Nation’s debut feature, which premiered at the 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival. 

In addition to her narrative work, Sky has collaborated with esteemed video artists including Christian Thompson, Candy Bowers, Laresa Kosloff and Shaun Gladwell, and regularly works within the documentary realm shooting such pieces as COMING BACK OUT BALL (Closing Night MIFF ‘18) and GRACEFUL GIRLS (Audience Award MIFF ’15).


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